Thursday, January 27, 2011

Top Trainers Shed 5 Fast Review

Today's Review: Top Trainers: Shed 5 Fast
Lindsay Brin, 2009 ***** (4.5 of 5 stars)

This dvd is part of the new Top Trainers set. It has two 30 minute workouts. The second more challenging than the first. Lindsay leads w/ 2 backgrounders who show advanced & beginner modifications. The set is a nice wooden platform with a pinkish background & "studio set" type of lights. You will need dumbbells for this workout.

Workout One: This workout alternates strength segments and cardio kickboxing segments. After a warmup you move into the first strength set. Strength work includes knee strikes, pliet w/ shoulder raise - french press- and leg sweep, crunches w/ leg extensions, tricep dips, pliet into lunges, V sits w/ punch, pliet w/ inner thigh lift and shoulder work, and pliet w/ a torso twist. Cardio work is pretty low impact and includes jabs, hooks, knee strikes, speed bag twist, knee pulls, cross punch, roundhouse kick, front & back kicks, and jumping jacks. Concludes with a c/d.

Workout Two:  This workout also alternates strength & cardio kickboxing. Warmup and cooldown included. Strength work includes: plank shifts, pushups, squat w/ military press, lunges, one legged (balance) tri kickbacks, palm tree (core & shoulders), punches for the core, knee pulls, plyo knee pulls, KB swing w/ a hop, shifting tricep planks, side plank w/ a hip lift & twist, boomerang (twisting planks), bikes

Cardio includes: side to side jabs, kick & squat, knee pull kick combo, ab cranks, hi & lo jabs, speed bag w/ ab crank, hi & lo speed bag, side knee pulls, and jacks.

I would rate this workout a solid intermediate, but follow one of the mod's for a more or less challenging w/o. Lindsay is a great lead- great cueing- great demeanor. This dvd is versatile- choose one of the two w/o's for a 30 min strength & cardio w/o or combine them for 60 minutes of fun work! She really hits the core in this & does a fantastic job of sneaking in core work to both the cardio & strength moves. Enjoyed the kickboxing and got in some great strength work.


  1. I probably sound like a broken record, but once again the cake looks and sounds divine!! Great review, love Jessica Smith's sensible approach to exercise and I will take the poor man's plastic surgery any day! Great blog Lindsey!

  2. Why thank you Maria! I will take that kind of broken record any day....Jessica always has great tips, doesnt she!