Friday, December 9, 2011

P90X Review: P90X Cardio X Review

 P90X Cardio X
Tony Horton, 2004

This is a very unique 43 min workout that combines exercises from other P90X vids (not a compilation -is all new footage). Optional equipment includes yoga blocks, chair, and mat. Tony works out w/ 3 background exercisers in a gym set. Tony provides modification options for some exercises.

You start with a warmup, then move into yoga, kempo, plyo, core work, and finish with a cooldown. Exercises include: sun salutations and vinyassas w/ various warrior poses in, lots of kick & punch combos- including some unique kickboxing type moves, skater hops, tire run, pendulum jacks, swing kicks over a chair, floor touch squats adding a hop, elbow to knee front pull down, roll back stand up, static runner (fun), superman to banana, and cooldown.

I would rate this a solid intermediate workout that is perfect for those that love variety. Its shorter than the other P90X workouts so good for days when your shorter on time. Tony is his usual chatty self but I like him & enjoy his banter. There is a music off/ Tony off option on all the P90X dvds.


  1. The cupcakes look great! I really have to work on my nutrition. I'm the worst at eating better. Love the cat pics

  2. Yes me too! Im SO much better at exercise than eating lol. THANK YOU!!!!

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