Monday, December 12, 2011

SparkPeople 28 Day Bootcamp Review

Today's Review: SparkPeople 28 Day Bootcamp
Nichole Nichols, 2011

This dvd contains 84 minutes of workout options! Nichole leads these workouts with 2 backgrounders who provide beginner & advanced modifications for most all exercises. Nichole & crew use 1 set of lighter hand weights but I would recommend various sets. The set is a spacious living room. Most exercises are done as a base move, then she adds another component to up the intensity.

Short Cardio Sculpt: 12 minutes. This is a cardio & strength interval workout. Nichole does a base move then adds more intensity for the last few reps. Exercises include: squat w/ a lateral raise, toe taps to a plyo pliet, static lunge w/ bi curls, dip & kick, tri kick back, reverse pushup, fly & knee raise, plank, and knee pushups.

Tone & Burn: 20 min. This workout is mostly sculpt but contains some cardio as well. Exercises incldue: pivot row, box step adding a hop & balance challenge, bicep curls, overhead press w/ oblique pinch, weighted tap backs to plyo lunges, lunge pass through, side & front raises, small curtsy adding side kicks & overhead press, fly & crunch, and knee plank rows.

Short Cardio: 12 min. This is a low impact cardio routine. Exercises include: mambo, side lunge, dips, taps to ski hops to jacks, punch & kick combos, squat pulses, traveling jacks, and punch knee combos.

Total Body Challenge: 30 min. This is a kettlebell inspired strength routine that provides a nice cardio effect (w/ heavier weights). Exercises include swings, squat -picking up & setting down weights, snatches add overhead press, windmill, lunge add overhead press, wood chop, back row, side lunge & preacher curl, fly add bridge, lying tri extension add knee pull, donkey kicks, superman, & modified pushups. This is a pretty fast paced w/o & she uses light weights, amping up the poundage worked up a great sweat and provided a nice challenging workout.

I rate this a high beginner/ low intermediate workout. Nichole is a good lead, good cuing, and good energy. Lots of modification options, make this a great dvd to grow with! The dvd provides tons of options- time options, intensity options, strength & cardio options, really a dvd that you can do over & over again. New from Acacia Lifestyles the SparkPeople 28 Day Bootcamp workout is available this month! I received this dvd to review.

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