Friday, March 23, 2012

Nutrisystem Week Four Update: 7.8 Pounds Down

Nutrisystem Total Four Week Loss: 7.8 lbs
Week four loss: 2 lbs

I have to say I am really really excited about this! And honestly a little surprised! This is actually my lifetime low (by just a tiny bit) and it is crazy to me to be at this weight. I am really excited that I am only 2.2 lbs away from a 10 lb loss with Nutrisystem :)- which will get me a cool Nutribear. I dont know why, but things like this really motivate me. Every 10 lbs you lose on Nutrisystem, you get a cute Nutribear in a different color for each 10 lb loss- yay! Something tangible so reward my loss- not that my clothes fitting looser, feeling better, and getting healthier- arent reward enough :) So I'm thinking I can make it happen in probably 2 more weeks! I will post a pic as soon as I get mine (NOT if but WHEN!)

On an unrelated note, I just got my second month Nutrisystem shipment and I ordered the Chocolate Protein Drink - that you get in addition to your Nutrisystem breakfast. I have been blending it with cold coffee & ice in my magic bullet and it seriously tastes like a frappucino. Creamy & delicious but healthy! I had the Coffee Protien Drink and was doing the same and it was also good but the chocolate is AMAZING! I love that I can get my caffiene fix in my Protein Drink. This way I dont have to have a cup of joe with the addition of creamer and sweetener- saves me some calories (and money!)...mmmmmmmm. They also have Strawberry & Vanilla. I'm thinking the vanilla would be like a vanilla latte if I added coffee to it! YUM. I have tried the strawberry and it is very good but I dont think it would be good mixed with coffee :)

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