Thursday, July 2, 2015

Patricia Friberg Bottom Line DVD Review

Bottom Line & A Core Defined
Patricia Friberg, 2015

Patricia works out with 2 backgrounders, all showing modifications, in a nice studio. You will need a toning loop and a small unweighted ball for these routines. The DVD contains a users guide, 2 lower body workouts and a core/ lower body routine. You can select your routine from the main menu.

Bottom Activation One: (17 min) You will need the loop for this floor routine. Exercises include: static bridge hold with arm movements, side lying leg raises, circles and holds, clam table top fire hydrant hold, donkey kick variations, and a stretch.

Bottom Activation Two: (14 min) You will need the loop & ball for this standing & floor routine. Exercises include squat hold band push outs, squat abductions, balance abductions, rear leg raise, walking squat variations, plank leg raise & side taps, and then you repeat the routine before the stretch.

A Core Defined: (31 min) You will need the ball & loop for this core & lower body routine. Exercises include bridge hold with the ball inbetween your knees adding leg raises, crunches with the ball in your knees, side knee drops, side leg drops, ab hold, sit up variations with the ball, double crunch hold, crunches lying on the ball, side plank leg raise, knee side plank, side knee plank hip raises, side crunches on the ball, plank series, knee pull varitions, plank shoulder taps, push ups, superman, a vinyassa flow, crescent pose, cobra, and a stretch.

Patricia provides excellent pointers & cuing. Great use of the band & ball and I found the exercises to be unique & I definitely felt it in my buns the next day. I really enjoyed this routine & will be getting a lot of use out of it. I received this DVD to review.

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