Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Ilyse Baker Your Sexy Everything: Booty, Legs & Thighs DVD Review

Your Sexy Everything: Booty, Legs & Thighs
Ilyse Baker, 2015

This DVD contains 4 workouts + 2 bonus workouts, that you can play individually or all together for a 50 min lower body & cardio blast. You wont need any equipment for this DVD. Ilyse works out with 2 backgrounders, all working out at different intensities, in an open space with pedestals.

5 Minute Tabata: This segment is 8 rounds of 20 seconds of hard work followed by 10 seconds of jogging/rest. Exercises include: hi knee jumps, crouching burpee pushups, star jumps, kick jumps, donkey plank kick arounds, fast feet floor touch, and Mt. climber touch ins.

6 Minute Thighs: Exercises include squat & squat pulses, low step in & outs adding a jump, plyo squats, around the world lunges, narrow squat & abduction, elevator squats with a heel slide, and plank jacks.

7 Minute Calves: Exercises include calf raises, plank shifts, calf hops adding direction, skaters, box calf jumps, and toe pliet pulses.

8 Minute Glutes: Exercises include squats, single leg squats, static squats, deadlift, balancing stick adding pulsing glute raises, bridge series, and a donkey series.

Bonus Ballet Grooves: this is a 5 min flowing ballet inspired routine. Exercises include demi pliet adding lunges, squat & roll ups, a flowing tendu seires, and ballet plie series with torso rolls.

Bonus 10 Minute Stretch: This is a 10 minute flowing total body stretch routine.

Following Ilyse, these are advanced routines that really target the lower body. I found the routines to be unique & effective. I was sore the next day even without using weights! Ilyse wastes no time in these routines & does a great job mixing in cardio to the lower body work. I really like Ilyse's instruction style and look forward to working out "with her" again. I received this DVD to review.

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