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Linda Wooldridge Barre Ball Blast Total Body Workout Review

As you know I am a huge fan of Linda Wooldridge's Barlates workouts and I am very excited to share with you a review of her Barre Ball Blast Total Body Workout. Linda's Australian based Workout DVD World offers Linda's DVDs, downloads, and a huge selection of other fitness DVDs for purchase from their webstore. US based customers can purchase Linda's DVDs from Total Fitness DVDs. Linda offers workouts on DVD and digital downloads. Stay tuned on the blog for more detailed reviews of other fab workouts from Linda.

Barre Ball Blast Total Body Workout
Linda Wooldridge, 2015

This 115 minute DVD contains six chapters (and a warm up  & cool down chapter) and seven premixes. You can play all, select a premix, or go straight to the section you want via the chapter menu. Linda works out alone in a studio gym. You will only need a stability ball for these routines and Linda works out barefoot.

Ball Cardio (14 min) Exercises include single leg balance hold with ball circles, standing leg circles, lunge & chop. pulsing lunges with ball figure 8s, cross knee to ball pull, side knee to ball pull down, side bends adding leg raises, side bend  & twist. This is fun low impact cardio that also hits your core. 

Standing Lower Body: (26 min) Exercises include single leg ball pull in squats, lunges with one leg on the ball, static lunge ball pull in, single leg deadlift ball roll in, plie holding the ball adding pulses & toe raises, plie & side lunge series, static lunges using the ball for balance, & balancing stick adding front leg raises.

Lower Body Mat: (16 min) Exercises include a kneeling leg raise -circle - and pull in series with your torso leaning over the ball, bridge series with feet on the ball, and an inner thigh raises series.

Glutes & Lower Back: (14 min) Exercises leaning over the ball include superman adding a rotation, arm rotations, swimmers, leg raises, leg sweeps swimmer legs, and frog presses.

Inner Thigh & Abs: (9 min) Exercises include: holding the ball in between your legs squeezes & toe taps, leg rotations, lower crunches, V crunch, V twists holding the ball adding toe taps, and inner thigh ball squeezes.

Total Core: (19 min) Exercises include crunches & oblique crunches, oblique pulses, ball plank knee drops, roll outs, side lying ball to elbow pull, side lying series with your feet on the ball, and plank to pike with your feet on the ball. This chapter was tough.

I rate these high intermediate routines. I definitely felt the burn with these high rep exercises. Linda is an excellent instructor with great form pointers. I love the unique use of the ball and that she uses the ball for all the exercises in the routines. This is def a fun workout that also accomplishes a lot. the ball also adds in a lot of balance work. Linda wastes no time but the routines are not rushed at all. The DVD contains a ton of footage and with all the premixes, this will be a very utilized DVD at my house
. I received this DVD to review.

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