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Review: Fe Fit 90 Day Fitness Experience Fe Fit Week Seven DVD

The Fe Fit weight loss program contains 8 DVDs featuring 28 workouts. The workouts, all 30 minutes or less are from seven different workout genres, keeping your muscles guessing & keeping your metabolism revved. This 13-week program is fun, convenient and provides a support group of other women. The meaning of the Fe in the program name comes from the periodic table of elements, FE is iron, which is strong! The set is broken down into weeks, so you can easily follow along with this fab & effective program. Stay tuned on my blog to read detailed reviews of all the workouts in this amazing set!
Fe Fit Week Two
Hilary Chung, 2015
The Fe Fit Week Seven workouts are on disc 4 along with the Week Six workouts. Week 7 contains 3 workouts at about 30 minutes each. Hilary leads all of these routines in a cute barre studio with 3 backgrounders, one who shows some modifications. You will need light weights, a pilates ring (or small ball), & exercise tubing for some of the routines. Each of these routines contains a warm up and a cool down. 

Upper Body 4: Band work includes triceps, bi curls, rows, chest pull, and pushups. Weight work includes hammer curls, overhead push, chest squeeze, upper back fly, pec fly, chest press, L shuffle, upper body bike, lateral 1/2 circles, arm circles, jacks, overhead press, and a bi-upright row, & kickback ladder going from 5-20 reps each.

Barre 4: Work includes a heel raise & pedal series, plie series, upper body L shuffle chest squeeze, upper body bike, knee pushups to kneeling drop back, balance stick & floor touch, standing leg raise series, jacks, knee raises, buttkicks, and tri push backs. 

Total Body Toning 4: Work includes crunch variations, bicycle, donkey kick series, side plank leg raise, bridge adding bench press & tri drops, pec fly & leg drops, pushup & row, weighted bird dog, band work: circles, rows, standing side leg raises, weighted work: lunge & curl, row, lunge & rear leg raise, lunge & twist, and single leg bridge.

I rate these workouts solid intermediates, some have some high intermediate exercises mixed in. Hillary wastes no time but these routines are not rushed. I like Hillary as a lead; she provides great motivation and form pointers. Lots of unique exercises and combos. Love that they include standing & floor work. Great variety on the DVD and I cant wait to jump into week 2. I received this DVD to review. 
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