Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Interview with Beyond Barre Founder Colleen Ketchum

Read my Q&A Interview with Colleen Ketchum of Beyond Barre below! So fun "getting to know" her! She has some great insights. Read all of my Beyond Barre posts here.

Lindsey: I really enjoyed your 2 recent barre style workouts. Is barre main workout regime or do you mix it up with other genres?  

Colleen: Ten years ago I opened my first fitness studio, Pilates In Motion.  It is a fully equipped classic style Pilate’s studio that I still manage although I have added much more than just Pilates.  I do workout with various Pilates routines every week.  I also run a few days and add in TRX and strength training that I do with a sports conditioning coach.

Lindsey: Both of your Beyond Barre workout DVDs were very well received in the fitness industry, do you have plans for further workouts?  
Colleen: Yes.  I have a few barre fusions that I am working on now as well as GlideBoard workouts. Stay tuned!

Lindsey: How did you get started in the fitness industry and why did you decide to pursue DVDs?
Colleen: I have always loved to move from a young age.  As a competitive gymnast, swimmer and runner in my youth to a mountain biking and hiking and kayaking as an adult I have always been active. Once I went through a Pilates certification program and I began to teach Pilates to my friends from my home. I had a reformer, chair and ladder barrel.  From there I opened Pilates In Motion Fitness Studio that grew and eventually provided the inspiration for me to create BeyondBarre.  The DVD’s were a natural progression off the development of the BeyondBarre workouts and Instructor training programs.

Lindsey:Your personal responsibilities and professional must keep you very busy. How do you balance it all? What prioritizing tips can you share to help us fit in our workouts, stay consistent, and reach our fitness goals?  
Colleen: Find a workout that you really enjoy.  I have gone to popular fitness modalities that I know are loved by so many but I just couldn't get myself into class because something about them didn’t feel right in my body.  You have to feel good in doing what you do. What I am talking about is finding a sport, activity, personal trainer or group fitness class that feels right for you and your body and then stick with it for 1 month.  By that time you should begin to feel a difference in your body and have it be part of your routine.  Form there staying fit will be much easier and hopefully something you even look forward to in your day.

Now that's not to say you won’t be sore or tired on occasion and some days you may not want to go at all.  Just remember how great you feel after class. I like to tell clients to snap a quick sweaty, happy selfie with a workout buddy after class. You can refer to this on the days you are feeling like slipping.  Look at the picture to remind yourself of how good you always feel after workout.  A little motivation to get up and get moving.

Lindsey: Do you believe in the old fitness motto "no pain, no gain" or do you feel that a gentler workout can produce effective results? 
Colleen:  If I am being honest I would have to say I am always sore somewhere…  even when I do Pilates or Yoga.  If I am taking the time out of my day to workout I am doing it to the best of my ability focusing on all connections and working the muscles deeply.  If I am not a little muscle sore I feel a bit strange like something is wrong.  Ha!

There is a big difference in some muscle soreness and pain.  To me pain equals injury.  Every workout I do I focus on proper form and positioning.  I don’t want to be hurt! This goes back to finding the workout or activity that best fits you and your body.  If I am unable to keep proper form and hold connections in what I’m doing I simply move on and do something else.  I only have this one body and there are so many ways to stay fit and injury free.  Be smart about it.

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