Saturday, January 30, 2016

2015 Wrap Up Category: Health & Beauty Products I Cant Live Without

Through my blog, I am lucky enough to be able to review SO many fantastic products, new foods, workout DVDs, and more. I only review things I love - I dont accept reviews for items that I know wont be a good fit for me and my blog, and if I receive a product I dont like, I am honest about that and wont promote it on my blog. It is rare that that happens though, because like I said, I only accept review items that look like a good fit for my blog and my tastes & I research first. Having said all that - here is a list of some of my absolute favorite health & beauty from 2015. My workout fav's post can be found hereIt was hard to narrow it down, but these are things that I now continue to use in my household. I will link my original posts to each item so you can read more/ get more info if desired. In no particular order....

Spark Naturals Essential Oils & Diffuser: Love their essential oils & their diffuser. Love the pricing, love that they are not an MLM. I hate the follow up, emails, calls, etc when dealing with MLMs (multi level marketing), and hate the mark up that MLMs have. Spark has quality oils for a reasonable price. I use them in my DIY beauty products, in my diffuser, and more. 

Coromega Be Bright Non-GMO Superfood Oil Blend: SO FREAKIN tasty! Seriously the best way to get your omegas in. It tastes like a creamy coconut cinnamon dessert. Just squeeze a little in your mouth and satisfy your sweet tooth. Bye fish oil pills & hello Coromega. Seriously recommend this one.

Carrington Farms Coconut Oil Packets: I love these! Im sure their regular size coconut oil is just as amazing. I use these to travel with, one packet and I have my mouthwash (try it!), hair oil, facial moisturizer, and lotion. It tastes amazing so using in cooking also perfect!

Lindi Skin Care System Eye Hydrator: The Lindi line was actually originally created for those undergoing cancer treatment, so its super gentle on the skin. The eye cream is not a cream not a syrum, its like a thick gel that absorbs into the skin and feels velvety smooth. It is the most amazing eye product I have ever used. LOVE the feel. Quickly absorbed, non greasy, feels amazing. 

Primal Pit Paste Deodorant: When I am not making my own deodorant I am using Primal Pit Paste. It really works- even when Im sweating, the odor is eliminated, which is what a deodorant is supposed to do. Comes in a wide variety of yummy scents and is ALUMINUM FREE Free of a TON of nasty ingredients and full of things that will not harm your body. 

Hot Straws: Putting it here because I dont have a place for it lol. But it fits, keep your teeth white by using a straw with your coffee and these are BPA FREE! They are also thin so you dont chug down your coffee and they are very sturdy and machine washable. LOVE

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