Monday, January 18, 2016

Ingrid Romero's NEW Edge Booty Extreme 2: Disc Three Review

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Ingrid Romero has two awesome Edge Booty Extreme workout systems: Edge Booty Extreme 1 and Edge Booty Extreme 2.  Ingrid is a Internationally-published writer and cover model, a fitness and nutrition expert and coach, professional athlete, active wear designer, competition bikinis designer, and founder of Team Edge Fam (fitness competition prep). Ingrid's latest system Edge Booty Extreme 2 is an advanced 7 week program with a total of seven workouts on 3 DVDs. Keep reading the blog for detailed reviews of the workouts in this fab new system.

Ingrid Romero, 2015

This is a 27 minute plyo cardio routine. Ingrid works out in a gym set with 5 super fit backgrounders. You will not need any equipment for this workout. The workouts have music only options and includes a warm up but you will need to do your own cool down/ stretch. 

You perform 2 exercises for 25 seconds each 4 times each with rest in between sets. Exercise include: jump squats, tuck jumps, mt climber, plank hop ins, burpees, low skaters, low side to side floor reaches, cardio lunges, elevator planks, plank jacks, walk out to plank, plyo lunges, 180* squat hops, cheeva squats and she concludes with 1 min of high knee runs.

This is an advanced plyometric cardio routine that will have you sweatin up a storm. I like the athletic moves & timed interval structure of this workout. Get in, get sweaty, and get out. Ingrid is very bubbly and provides a lot of excited encouragement. She also great form pointers. I received this DVD to review. 

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