Friday, November 13, 2009

LEAVING COMMENTS-a Tutorial of Sorts

I have heard from about 5 people now that leaving comments on my blog is not user friendly so here is what Alissa told me to do:

Try hitting the tab button and then it will go down and show options...That should work. I guess its a drop down menu and you have to select google or whatever.

So if that doesnt work, leave me a comment and I will get back to you (teehee-see if it doesnt work, then you wouldnt be able to leave a comment, and thats why its funny...)

So now I expect a flood of comments ;)

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  1. Umm... OK... here's a comment.

    I wanted to say how much I love your wedding pix - you certainly are one creative lady! I'm sure you have the skills to make a success of your cake-decorating business.

    And I figured out how to comment as RedPanda (just so everyone knows who I am).

  2. ahhhh thanks! It was such a lovely day-and our photographer was a gem! I didnt actually make the cake-I "designed" it and then a very talented cake lady did the real work LOL. I hope to be that skilled one day!