Friday, February 19, 2010

The FIRM: Ultimate Calorie Blaster Review

The FIRM: Ultimate Calorie Blaster
Stephanie Huckabee, 2005

This is a 45 minute cardio workout that was originally released with the 4th Body Sculpting System put out by the Firm. It came with the TransFirmer step. You will need a light set of dumbbells and the TransFirmer step for this workout. Stephanie leads with 4 background exercisers and Alison shows the beginner modifications. There is also an 8 minute bonus ab workout on the dvd that is led by Alison.

Stephanie really keeps things interesting and moving right along. As with many Firm workouts-you move from floor aerobics, step aerobics, tall box climbs, light 4 limb work on and off the step, incline step aerobics, and a lunge/ squat combo w/ light weights on the incline box. There is also a nice ab section at the end that includes plank & side plank work.

The music is good and basically I love this workout! Stephanie is an awesome lead! Her cueing is great and she has a pleasant demeanor. The set is bright white and open/spacious. I always work up a great sweat during this workout and get a good calorie burn.

I would rate this solid intermediate workout done as is. If you add some extra plyos, jumps on the step, more arm movements during the tall box work, and use the 8 inch section of the TF when they use the 6-you can get a GREAT workout. This workout would also be easy to modify down for beginners.


  1. Great photos! =)

    I did Ultimate Calorie Blaster for the first time on Tuesday and fell in love. It was fun, fun, fun! I wanted to do it on Wednesday, but I was good and did something else instead.