Friday, February 26, 2010

The FIRM: Better Body and Buns Review

The FIRM: Better Body and Buns
Taber Bruner, Jennifer Paluso, Jen Carman, 2000 

This is a 50 min (40 min w/out the stretch) workout done in the mansion setting with a lot of various background exercisers. You will need a tall box, ankle weights, and a variety of dumbbells for this workout. This is actually all original footage-not a Parts workout!

This workout MOSTLY strength work. There is one set of plyo jumps led by Jen and two sets of tall box climbs led by Jen and Taber. The rest is strength work, with a focus on your buns so some of the lower body work will get your heartrate up. They do hit every muscle group in this but I alwasy add on some upper body work to it as I like to work all the muscles evenly.

Some of the strength moves include: 1 set of french press, 1 set of military press, 1 set of bicep curls, 1 set of lat row, 2 sets of leg press (16 reps, 2X on each leg), side lunges (unweighted), lunge dip combo, a few sets of squats, table work over your tall box, some unweighted lying floor work and an ab routine at the very beginning.

She does the side lunge series and one set of squats without weights-which Im not sure why-my muscles arent fatigued and I dont feel I need a break yet? I just grab the dumbbells and use those and dont use the dowell like they do. I also use ankle weights and/or a dumbbell on the outer hip for the lying floor work.

I really enjoyed this workout and should do it more often than I do. Its only 40 minutes w/out the stretch so its easy to add on to, to make it more well rounded. Though even in 40 minutes you do hit every muscle group. I would rate this a high intermediate. They go slow enough to allow for heavy poundage. As a matter of fact I used only 15's & 20's for the entire workout. I like Jen Carmen & Taber Bruner a lot, Jen Peluso is only ok. They all cue well.


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