Friday, February 5, 2010

Urban Rebounding Compilation #3 Review

Urban Rebounding Compilation #3
JB Burns (Creator) 2003

This dvd has four mini trampoline workouts on one dvd. The workouts range from 21-34 minutes and are each led by a different instructor. Each workout has one lead and two background exercisers. They workout in a colorful room with a few rebounders propped around the walls, Japanese paper screens, and a juicebar in the background.

Kick Bound led by Tracie is 24 minutes long and not a kickboxing type workout at all. It has some more aerobic types kicks in it, nothing martial artsy at all. Tracie is pretty annoying and detracts from the workout quite a bit.

Interval bound led by Shannon is my favorite on the dvd! Shannon is a good lead and this one is more challenging than the others. Its 30 minutes and includes all athletic moves with some power pushes interspersed. Like the other w/o's on this dvd there is TIFTing but the routines are short so it doesnt bother me.

Hi-Lo is led by Alison and its actually a lot of fun. Its 34 minutes long and has all the "old school" aerobic moves youre used to seeing. Allison is a good lead and seems to be enjoying herself.
Latin Bound is only 21 minutes and is led by Jo Jo. This is the least challenging of the set but its fun and is easy to modify up. Jo Jo is a good lead and he always makes me smile. The moves are pretty simple and he adds a Latin flair to the basic rebounding moves.

With rebounding more so than other workouts, you get into the workouts what you put into them. If you just bounce around, youre not going to get your heartrate up. If you push your feet down into the mat and use big arm movements (you can even wear weighted gloves) you will get a great cardio workout, burn a lot of calories, and work up a nice sweat.The set is intermediate in intensity.

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  1. Thanks for the review today. I love my rebounder, and I own G-Force with Tracie. I've looked at the other videos, but never bought one. Every time I get on the rebounder I just want to run--so I haven't even done G-Force yet! I did just buy weighted gloves to use as I didn't like holding 3-pound weights while running. I need to do G-Force one of these days and open myself up to others. I get great calorie burns on the rebounder, plus it's fun.

    Will look for Shape if I'm out and about this weekend!

    Sorry about the phone--what a PITA. And the nail--another PITA.