Friday, March 5, 2010

Karen Voight's Pilates Total Body Training Review

Karen Voight's Pilates Total Body Training
Karen Voight, 2000

This dvd was previously released as "Body Reform Total Body." The dvd has two 50 min workouts on it. The total body is mostly inner thigh and ab work, some leg/bun work, and 2 sets of pushups and uses the pilates magic circle. The second workout-abs & back is more pilates/ yoga/ stretch and does feature some ab and back work. Karen works out in a nice open space with one other exerciser. This is all floor work and is done w/out shoes.

I really like the "total body" workout on this dvd because it really fries my inner thighs unlike any other workout Ive ever done. Karen has a nice calm demeanor and cues really well and has nice form pointers and reminders throughout the workout. The ab work is intermixed in with the inner thigh work and is also very thourough. After a long inner thigh/ ab segment you do some bun/ leg work and then more inner thigh work, a few sets of pushups and the cool it down with nice stretch.

I actually have never even done the second w/o "abs & back" I did however preview it this morning to do this review. It is more of a pilates/ yoga/ and stretch dvd. There are some ab & back-centric moves but it seems more like a nice stretch/ yoga workout. She does some cat stretches and such.

I would rate the "total body" a high intermediate workout because it really works the core and inner thighs nonstop! I cant imagine someone w/ little inner thigh or core strength being able to finish this dvd or being able to walk the next day if they did! Its a great addition to my workout collection and I would def recommend it to anyone that wants to focus on their inner thighs!

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