Friday, April 2, 2010

4.2.10: Trying to avoid the Noid....See's Candy AND Donuts!

I got into work today to find a box of donuts in the conference room. Then on my desk was the cutest glass bunny bowl filled with See's Chocolates and a yummy smelling candle from a coworker. Every holiday seems to bring me a few unwanted pounds...

Today's Workout:
-Firm Total Body Toner
-10 Min Sol Knock Out Body (UB & Crosstrain)
*total w/o time 60 min + stretch

Today's Review: Firm Total Body Toner
Allie Del Rio, 2007 ***** (5 of 5 stars)

This is a 40 minute dumbbell scultping workout led by Allie with 4 background instructors. Emily shows the beginner modifications. The set is the white brick walls/ windows with hardwood floors. You will need various sets of dumbbells for this workout.

There are a few brief cardio bursts (plyo lunges, plyo squats) but this is a sculpting workout. A lot of the moves will get your heartrate up though. Allie thouroughly hits each muscle in this workout. There is very little wasted time and the babytalk is minimal in this one. I actually really really enjoyed this w/o! Some of the Pink Firms arent my favorites but I always forget how much I like this one. It is very efficient in only 40 minutes and includes a great ab segment at the end!

Some of the moves combine upper and lower body in one but all of them fit nicely together and arent at all awkward and the poundage worked for all moves involved. Some of the exercises include a lunge w/ a bicep curl, a dip with an military press and a back leg lift, pliet with a bicep curl & tricep kickback, some squats, pushups, plank & crunch variations, lateral & frontal raises, and the likes.

I would rate this a solid intermediate workout that youc an easily modify up or down to suit your needs. I was really able to heavy up on a lot of the moves because the pace is not super fast.

Today's Tip: 16 Simple Ways to Eat Less (From Prevention, some of these are good!)

1. Plate your main course in the kitchen
2. Don't jump up to clear the dishes
3. Use smaller plates and tall, skinny glasses
4. Save wine for dessert
5. Stop, look, and listen while you eat
6. Divide the food on your plate
7. Chew gum while baking
8. Keep baby carrots nearby while cooking
9. Serve your kids smaller portions
10. Teach the kids to clear their own plates
11. Don't miss meals
12. De-stress by taking care of yourself
13. Close the kitchen 2 hours before bedtime
14. Keep snacks out of sight
15. Brush your teeth after dinner
16. Make TV a food-free activity

Today's LOL:

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  1. What a cute bunny dish! Give the choccies to your husband (if he doesn't have to watch his weight) or the neighbours, or your mum.. anyone!

    Not sure about that tip to save wine for dessert. We never eat dessert - oh, wait...

  2. Finally got rid of the chocolates!!!! I like the chew gum while cooking/baking tip. I have a sampling problem :)