Monday, April 5, 2010

Barry's Bootcamp Fat Blaster Upper Body Review

Barry's Bootcamp Fat Blaster Upper Body 
Cindy Whitmarsh & Barry Jay, 2008

The workout is 21 minutes plus a short warmup. It is led my Cindy with Barry wandering around. There is a beginner and advanced modifier throughout. Each exercise is one minute with a 30 second "rest" inbetween that is used to set up the next move and get your ball or cord ready. She alternates strength and cardio moves. Some of the exercises include pec flys on the transformer ball using the cords, burpees (including a hop at the end-TOUGH!), fast run then down to a Mt. Climber on Barry's cue, upper cuts using the cords, jumping jacks pushing the transformer ball back and forth, tricep dips off the ball (TOUGH), etc.

This is 21 minutes well spent! I am surprised how many calories I burn in such a short amount of time. For my UB day I love doing the Fat Blaster UB, a Mission Specilast UB, and a Mission Specialist ab w/o for a challenging 50 min w/o!

The bands seemed a bit too long when wrapped around the ball. So I usually use dumbbells for the moves where you have the band wrapped around the ball. You can use 2 bands in the handles at once, which would make it tougher but that seemed like a lot of extra work.

Cindy Whitmarsh actually leads the workouts. I think she is a good lead-not too overzealous, not too serious. Barry walks around and says things like "great abs arent made in the gym, theyre made in the kitchen so be sure to eat right too" and he pushes down on exercises shoulders for added resistance. He is quirky and I liked him too.

They show a beginner and an advanced modifier with Cindy doing intermediate. Using the black bands and following the advanced modifier you can get an advanced w/o! Most all of the cardio moves are quite challenging! And the strength moves are effecitve!


  1. So jealous! It looks like so much fun.....I want to try it, so bad. But I don't think I am "coordinated" enough for it! lol.....

  2. I thought the same thing but I ended up doing fine. Its really really cool how the thing works!

  3. I love segways! Every time I visit a new city I look in the yellow pages to see if they have any tours! They are so much fun and a really great way to see a lot of a city in a short amount of time!

    However, I find that after being on one for a while my feet start to hurt because even though you're on the go, you're really standing still!

  4. BG-what a great idea to site see! I will keep that in mind for upcoming vacations-if I ever get one ;)