Thursday, June 3, 2010

The FIRM: Lower Body Split Review

Pam Cauthen, Taber Bruner, Carissa Foster, Jen Carman, Tracie Long, Heidi Tanner, Tamela Hastie, Lisa Kay, and Dale Brabham, 2000

This dvd clocks in at about 63 minutes and contains a warm up, stretch, workout, cooldown and final stretch. It is mostly lower body strength work with some cardio bursts thrown in to keep your heartrate up. This is a "parts" workout and the segments are taken from: Firm Strength, Cardio, Bust and Butt, Core Cardio 1, Maximum Body Sculpting, Hare, & Better Body & Buns.There is standing and floor leg work. The floor work is in the middle of the w/o not at the end.

There is one floor work segment (from The Hare) that includes donkey kicks and lying leg lifts & inner thigh adductions. The rest of the work is standing and includes the typical Firm fare: hover squats, unweighted side lunges, lunges, dips, squats, leg press and the likes. My legs were thouroughly worked by the end of this video. The few unweighted strength segments were actually welcome due to the length and amonut of strength work contained in this dvd.

I would rate this dvd a solid intermediate offering. I really heavied up and will definately feel it in my LB tomorrow. All the ladies are good leads with good cueing and pointers along the way.

I would say to pay attention to which leg they are working because you will do, for example, one set of leg press, move onto something else and then come back to finish the other leg later. The same is true for the floor work. So pay attention and all should be evenly worked by the end.


  1. Lindsey, I really enjoy your reviews! AND I love the Hello Kitty stuff. I have a HK digital clock too - my bf found it at the thrift store - some little kid probably got tired of it so I lucked out! It's different than yours. Love looking at your HK stuff. The water cooler is very COOL!

  2. My favorite of this week's Collage specials is Kathy Smith's Peel Off the Pounds Pilates.