Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Natural Journey's Total Body Sculpt Review

Natural Journey's Total Body Sculpt
Cindy Whitmarsh, 2007 

This w/o features Cindy working out alone in a nice set with hardwood floors with some fitness props around the perimeter. You will only need dumbells for this workout, she uses one set, I used a variety. The workout is divided up into five 10 minute segments (UB, LB, abs, stretch, and cardio). You can play all or each segment individually but there is no mix and match option.

Upper Body: I was able to use pretty heavy weights in this section. She does a lot of multi-muscle moves & some unique moves. The only one I had to alter because of my heavier poundage was when she did a 1 arm bicep curl into a military press, then into a tricep extension- I just used both arms for my tricep extension. She hits every UB muscle group pretty well. She includes a  nice back & chest section on the floor and you will do some pushups.

Lower Body: There were actually some nice unique LB moves in here and I was able to use my heaviest weights for the duration. A variation of a 1 legged deadlift,  side squats, and side lunges. She also includes a nice floor section - outer thigh lifts and donkey kicks.

Abs: I was feeling this one! She includes planks, side planks, and plank taps. Again some unique moves- an oblique pinch and theres is a bit of standing ab work in the beginning.

Cardio: No fancy cardio just basic athletic style to get your heartrate up. She keeps it fairly low impact but I added more hops and plyos and my heart was really pumping! You will see jumping jacks, side touches, skiers, side hops, and jump rope.

Stretch: I didnt do the stretch segment.

I would rate this a solid intermediate workout but basically any fitness level could benefit by adjusting their poundage. If you are a Cindy fan and/or like the 10 minute format this is a great dvd to have in your collection. While I wouldnt say its nec a must have, it has a great place in my collection as I love both Cindy & 10 minute add-ons. Its great to use in its entirety or added to other w/o's. Cindy is a great lead and cues well.

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