Wednesday, September 22, 2010

10 Minute Solutions Pilates for Beginners

10 Minute Solutions Pilates for BeginnersLara Hudson, 2010

This is a fully customizable pilates dvd led by Lara Hudson with no b/g exercisers. It has five 10 minute segments that can be mixed & matched as desired. The set is nice and open and you wont need any props for this w/o. She offers breathing and form tips throughout but not overly so, I think thats why they titled this "beginner" because I didnt find it super easy.

Core Basics:  You begin with some breath work and move into curls, the hundred, c-curls, single leg stretch, criss-cross, side lying leg lifts, and a modified teaser.

Lower Body Basics: You start off in bridge and add in some table top leg lifts, then onto single leg circles, bridge w/ kicks, side leg kicks, frog lifts, and finish with grasshopper beats.

Upper Body Basics: Moves include modified swan w/ tricep pulses, swan w/ tricep press-ups, forearm plank, controlled front variations, pushups, side planks, and chest work. Includes lots of lower back work, which I like.

Total Body Cardio: Im not sure why this is called cardio; moves include: roll up, double leg stretch, seated twist, side kicks, table work, plnaks, and swimmer.

Long & Limber Stretch: This section is done standing, sitting/ kneeling, and lying. You start in tree pose, do a figure 4, a seated twist, cat cow, runners lunge, and a squat and shoulder section at the end.

Lara's cueing and form pointers are impecible throughout. I guess if you are a pilates pro you might not want these reminders but besides that I wouldnt say this is an easy beginners w/o. I agree w/ Collage's rating of intermediate. She moves right along and introduces some semi challenging pilates work. I really like Lara as a lead and will definatley be getting a ton of use out of this dvd. I think its great to use as an addon or to use together in its entirety.

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