Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Denise Austin Hot Body Yoga Review

Hot Body Yoga
Denise Austin, 2010

This is a fully customizable dvd w/ two 30 min yoga routines on it. You can mix and match, play all, and w/o with or w/out Denises instruction. The set is nice-lots of hardwood and some green windows w/ lots of space. You will need a set of lighter dumbbells for one of the w/os and possibly a yoga mat.

Denise leads the w/o's with a variety of male & female b/g'ers all showing various levels of modifications. The first w/o is a straightforward yoga workout with some standing, kneeling, and lying yoga poses. I like that she moves along at a nice not-rushed but not super slow pace. She does a lot of standard yoga poses: warrior variations, dancer, cobra, down dog, 1/2 moon, and other poses. There are no sun salutations-which is a nice change from other dvds I have.

The 2nd w/o is really unique IMO. Denise combines light dumbbell strength moves with yoga poses. You will do preacher curls while holding a lunge, warrior w/ rows, wide deadlifts w/ UB movements, tree w/ chest press & shoulder/ rotator cuff work, lower back work, boat w/ biceps, V sit, bridge w/ pec fly, etc. You do about 20 min standing and 10 minutes on the floor.

Know that I am not into alot of yoga and prefer athletic and straighforward but I really enjoyed both w/o's on this dvd; especially the 2nd weigthed routine. Very unique for me and right up my ally! I will def be using both of these a lot. Denise is much more mellow in this dvd than other w/o's of hers and her cueing and form are both fine for me. I would rate this an intermediate yoga fusion w/o.

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