Monday, October 25, 2010

Barry's Bootcamp Fat Blaster Set Review

Barry's Bootcamp Fat Blaster Set
Barry Jay, Cindy Whitmarsh, 2008

This set comes with 3 dvds. There is a lower body dvd, upper body dvd, and a code red (get fit quick in 6 days) dvd. The upper and lower body dvds each have a 21 minute w/o and 6 additional Mision Specialist w/o's on them. The MS w/o's are 12 min each and are: upper body-beginner, lower body-beginner, abs-beginner, upper body-advanced, lower body-advanced, and abs-advanced. The Code Red dvd is 15 minutes and is total body strength work-no cardio.

The kit also comes w/ resistance cord handles and 2 strengths of interchangable resistance bands. The green band is level 1 (beginner strength) and the black is level 3 of 4. The black band is pretty tough. It also comes w/ a torpedo shaped ball, the Transformer. The transformer ball is used as a weight bench, stability ball, and a prop for cardio & strength moves. The resistance bands can go around the ball while you are laying on it-so you can do bench press or pec fly for example.

There is a countdown banner on the bottom of the screen that counts down each minute. A buzzer goes off at the 10 seconds remaining mark and Cindy, barry & crew countdown. Cindy actually leads the w/o's and Barry walks around with motivational pointers and form tips. They work well together and have a nice repoir.

Each workout is short but tough! You can use them for time crunched days as is or combine a few for a longer w/o. I like to use one fat blaster w/o, a corresponding (UB or LB) mission specialist, and an ab w/o for a 50 minute w/o. I love that I can get in strength and cardio each day! The 1 minute format really makes the tough moves doable. I am able to really push myself because I know its only going to be 60 seconds.

This set is perfect for beginners, intermediates, and advanced exercisers. Cindy does the intermediate level and they also have a beginner and advanced modifier for each move. And you have your choice of band strength. Using the black band and following the advanced modifier I can really get a great, heartpumping, calorie burning, workout in!

Like I said, Ive had great results with this set. Lost 8 lbs (putting me at a lifetime low), gained cardio endurance, got to doing toe pushups, and noticed muscle definition in my biceps. Even after doing it for 8 weeks I could still feel it!


  1. Let us know if your BBC rotation helps drop any lb! I just keep gaining and losing the same 5-8 lb. I need help!

  2. ME TOO! Its so very annoying. I have a "normal" weight, but from there I fluctuate. ugh.