Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Barrys Bootcamp Belly Blaster Review

Barrys Bootcamp Belly Blaster
Cindy Whitmarsh, Barry Jay, 2008 

This 15 minute ab workout was fun and challenging. Similar in format to the other workouts in the FatBlaster set. Each exercise lasts one minute with 30ish seconds inbetween to set up for the next more/ get your equipment ready. Cindy leads w/ Barry walking around giving tips and providing motivation. The set is a nice room w/ carpet and wooden panels on the walls-  bright & nice. Madison provides the beginner modifications. You will need the Transformer ball and an exercise band.

Some of the moves are standing-torso twists w/ the band, side bends w/ the band. Some are on the ball-full sit ups using the band. Some are on the floor-bycicle holding the transfomer ball over your head. The moves were different than the moves in the other 2 ab workouts. I found them unique and fun (still challenging of course!). By the end my abs are definately feeling it!

I would rate this a solid intermediate ab w/o. Its a nice addition to the Fat Blaster series and provides some additional variety when doing a longer BBC rotation. I did not receive this DVD to review

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