Thursday, January 20, 2011

Top Trainers: Mission Possible Review

Top Trainers: Mission Possible
Christi Taylor, 2005

This is a 52 minute step & floor cardio workout that is part of the new Top Trainers set. There are 2 b/g'er working out with Christi on a small set w/ a curtain around the perimeter. You will only need a step bench for this workout. The dvd is nicely chaptered: briefing, warm up, step, multi impact, cool down & stretch, move master, and bloopers.The music in w/o one is very good!

Both routines are built add on style. Some of the step work includes: lunges, knee ups, L step, basic step, rocking horse, repeater knees, turn step, V step, and turn shuffle. Some of the floor work includes: ham curls, step touch, grape vine, step ball change, pony, knee pulls, and mambo.

Christi is a great lead with good cuing. I would rate this a solid intermediate workout that could easily be modified up or down. This dvd is super versatile: you can do a 21 minute step workout, a 20 minute floor workout, or combine both for a real sweatfest! Add the warmup and/or cooldown for a complete 56 minute workout. As the name suggests, the choreo in this is pretty easy to catch onto, yet not just the same old boring stuff. I still had to pay attention but was able to follow along- a great mix if you ask me! I received this dvd as part of the Top Trainers set to review.


  1. Can I just say, if you are ever in need, I would happily volunteer to be a cake tester as well!! All your cakes look and sound divine!


  2. anytime sista, anytime!!! Have a guest room for you. ANd some dvds so we can work off all the cake we eat!!!!