Friday, January 21, 2011

Top Trainers: Angie Miller Strength & Core Fusion Review

Today's Review: Top Trainers: Strength & Core Fusion
Angie Miller, 2007

This is a 68 minute strength workout that will REALLY get your heartrate up! Angie works out with 2 b/g'ers in an open area with pink pillars & curtains in the background. One exerciser uses no step and shows beginner modifications. You will need a step, dumbbells, and tubing for this workout.

The dvd is chaptered very well: warmup, dumbbells, band, core, and cooldown. You can combine all for a 68 minute sweatfest or select a workout. The dumbbell & tubing segments are great combined but are complete done alone on time crunched days. I used medium weights for this because there were plenty of reps and lots of good combo moves and plenty of good balance work. This workout is NON-stop! She does not waste any time and really keeps the heart pumping.

After the warmup you move into the dumbbell strength work that includes a nice squat series adding an oblique knee pull and bicep curls, dips off the step with bicep curls, curtsy dips off the step w/ an oblique twist, step squats w/ hammer curls, deadlifts, deadlifts w/ balance leg lifts & an oblique twist, and side lunges w/ a row & tricep kickbacks. ~30 min

The tubing work includes: band squats, pliet w/ tricep kickbacks, a nice donkey kick series w/ plenty of variations, and she concludes with pushups and pushup- side planks. ~20 min

The core work includes: standing side reaches & side bends, V sit w/ knee pulls, crunches, oblique crunches, lower ab leg pulls/ extensions, side plank hip lifts, oblique knee pulls (lying on side), and finishes w/ supermans. ~10 min

I would rate this a high intermediate workout-my heart was pumping, my muscles were burning, and I was sweating up a storm! Angie's cuing is spot on and you will always know what weight to use & whats coming up next, having said that she is very chatty in this workout. I really really liked the work in this dvd and look forward to trying more from Angie. As you know- I LOVE strength work that also gets my heartrate up, and I was SWEATING in this one! Great AWT workout, unique moves, fun but tough. I received this dvd as part of the Top Trainers set to review.

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