Monday, January 3, 2011

Jillian Michaels Shred It with Weights Review

Shred It with Weights
Jillian Michaels, 2009

This dvd has two 30 minute kettlebell workouts. Jillian works out w/ 2 b/g exercisers, one shows more advanced mod's & one shows beginner mods. I really like the dark wood w/ blue glass panes in the background. You will need a kettlebell or a dumbbell for this workout. The dvd is not programmable. The w/o's are structured in intervals, so she does a round of exercises and then repeats it.

Level 1: After a quick warmup you move right into the body of the workout. There are tons of nice combo moves that really get your heart pumping w/out impact. Moves include: kettlebell swing, bridge & 1 legged bridge w/ chest press, dead lift- row, squat -tapping KB to ground, squat w/ swing & pass from hand to hand, squat- rack & press, lat rows in static lunge, windmill, turning plyo squats holding KB, Turkish getups, snatches and concludes w/ a quick stretch.

Level 2: You start w/ a quick warmup and then move right into the work that includes: from a lying position you stand up while holding your weight, split jerks (tiny plyo lunges w/ overhead press), halo w/ balance knee, star jumps, squats w/ flying jacks, plank rows w/ a twist, swing throughs, plyo swings, deep squats w/ an OH press, rotating heros, pushups on the bell, punch swings, and Russian swings.

I rate level one high intermediate and level two advanced. I really enjoyed both workouts and found them both challenging & fun. Others have commented on her form but I didnt notice anything wrong with it & her cuing is good. The w/o was unique and tough & I really enjoyed trying something new. I will definitely be getting a ton of use out of this. It really got my heartrate up w/out doing any straight cardio. This dvd is very versatile- you can use heavy weights & get in your strength & cardio work or use moderate weight & use it as a cardio w/o. I received this dvd from Exercise TV for review.

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