Wednesday, January 5, 2011

1.5.11: Tribal Energy Cardio Review

Today: I am down 4 lbs!!!! Which puts me only at my norm LOL. But at least it came off fast. I'm following the Firm 14 Day Diet again- Last time I did it I lost 5 lbs in the 1st week! (You can access it on the Firm boards by joining their club. You get a 30 day free trial- so its def worth checking out). It just goes to show how much my grazing & not really paying attention to my eating adds up. And adding in these Firm Express w/o's is definitely upping the weight loss ante. Really hoping I can fit into that shirt for DH's bday festivities on Friday...

Today's Workout:
-Firm Express Accelerate Cardio
-Tribal Energy Cardio
-Jillian Michaels 6 Week 6 Pack (10 min)
*total w/o time 60 min + stretch

Yesterday's Workout:
-Linda LaRues Core Transformer w/o (check out my giveaway here to win this!)
*total w/o time 60 min + stretch

Today's TipWeight loss food: eggs
The amino acids in egg whites help build lean muscle that may in turn help rev metabolism. Scramble up a few for breakfast and top with shredded cheese—remember, it's a fat-burner, too! Another good reason to have eggs first thing: Consuming some fat in the morning meal was shown to help mice burn more fat than those that ate a carb-rich breakfast, a study finds. The researchers say that eating a little fat early may shift your circadian clock to help you burn more body fat all day long. More on Yahoo here.
Today's Review: Tribal Energy Cardio
Suzanne Forbes-Vierling, Ph.D., 2009

Suzanne leads this West African feel-good dance workout with 4 b/gers in a cool retro 70’s looking set that I love! Oranges, browns, & yellows with a butterfly here & there. The ladies work out in nice theme appropriate outfits and the music is energizing West African drums. Occasionally the camera pans to the live drumming circle. You won’t need any props for this workout and they actually w/o barefoot. The dvd contains a w/u, 3 workouts, and a grand finale. The dvd is not programmable.

Workout One: (11 min) This is an add-on style workout - you learn each move and then string them together to perform a complete dance routine. Moves include a fun “happy step,” toe taps w/ a “basket” raise, shimmy, African style mambo- chacha, thumbs up w/ a knee lift, football shuffle, and some jogging. She teaches the moves at ½ time and then moves into tempo.

Workout Two: (20 min) This is also an add-on style dance workout. Moves include: hip paddle, kickin step, circle step, march clap, standing knee pulls w/ a step (cardio and core), Mt. step, and “life is good” (pony). She teaches in 1/2 time and then moves into tempo. 

Workout Three: (7 min) This section is faster paced and more challenging cardiovascularly than the previous 2 sections. In this section you will complete routine from both w/o's #1 & 2. You perform all the moves you've learned at tempo in a nice little routine with a little cuing. 

Grand Finale: (6 min) In the grand finale you perform the entire routine w/out any cuing. There are 8 b/ger's in this section and there is a definate live dance performance feel to it. A great section to do once you have really mastered the previous w/o's.

I would rate this workout a solid to high beginner cardio w/o with fun but easy to catch onto choreo. This workout really has a nice positive vibe and the instructor’s sunny disposition definitely shines through. The workout contains lots of unique twists on tried & true floor cardio and plenty of fun new moves as well. Great for days when you really just want to have fun while you workout. I had fun working out w/ Suzanne &  enjoyed her personality.

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