Monday, April 11, 2011

Tracie Long Focus: Weightless Review

Today's Workout:
-Supreme 90 Back & Bi's
*total w/o time 60 min + stretch

Weekend Workouts: Did S90 Chest & Back on Sat and Sun was my rest day.

Review: Focus: Weightless
Tracie Long, 2011 ***** (4.5 of 5 stars)

Tracie leads this 30 minute cardio and body weight resistance workout. She works out alone in a cute brick gym on a pedestal. She does show modifications for many of the exercises. You wont need any equipment for this workout. 

Tracie does a good job of including higher intensity cardio moves followed by lower intensity moves so you can really give it your all throughout. She incorporates body weight resistance exercises with fun high & moderate intensity cardio making this a very unique, fun, and effective workout! 

Exercises include: burpees & marches, jump turns, walking knee ups to knee hops, upper cuts, jabs, speed bag, jab, hooks, jogging, pulsing squats, pulsing lunges, ham curls to plyo hams, tricep pushups, plyo jacks, jacks, and plyo knee pull lunges.

I really enjoyed this workout-fun and to the point. Great to use on light strength days or for cardio. I rate this an intermediate workout that can easily be adapted for most fitness levels.  Fun exercises keep this workout moving right along. Good for travel or no equipment days. As always Tracies cuing and form are spot on! This is a winner! I received this dvd to review.

Tracie Long Fit Vacation: Don't forget about Tracies Fit Vacation- May 20-22 in Charleston. Check out Tracie's website for more info

This Weekend: Got some more Sally Hansen Salon Effects  nail stickers. Im loving these things. I never paint my nails because it only lasts a day or so. These stayed on a whole week and still looked pretty darn good! Cool.

Today's Tip: Ignite Your Calorie Burn: Pop in Your Headphones
Fight flagging energy with music. Working out to your favorite playlist can help you to go up to 20% longer and burn more calories, finds a study from West London's Brunel University. Music blocks fatigue, produces feelings of vigor, and helps you keep pace by synchronizing your movements, says study author Costas Karageorghis, PhD. Read more on Prevention.Today's LOL: 


  1. <3 the daily kitty pics!

    same here i painted last night (bright orange sally hansen) but the tips are starting to chip. i even applied bottom and top coats but alas still chipping off. at least my toes last (pretty metallic blue by NYC colors). target/walmart shopper here LOL.

  2. haha my toes stay done pretty nice too but not the fingers! I found this cool polish at Walgreens for only $2.99- SinfulColors. LOTS of cool colors and works great on the me some Target!!!