Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Supreme 90 Day Review: Chest & Back

Supreme 90 Day Chest & Back
Tom Holland, 2010  

Tom leads this 32 minute workout in a lifting gym style set. Tom instructs PT style with 3 background exercisers actually performing all the moves.  The dvd is chaptered into warmup, workout, and cooldown (the warmup is the same for most the discs in this series).

This workout is structured so you perform two exercises and repeat them 3 times. After each circuit Tom shows the exercises in the upcoming circuit.  You will need dumbbells & a stability ball for this workout but  no ball modifications are shown. Like many of the S90 w/o' s the first circuit is a core circuit (love that we can get some core w/o in that way!)

Exercises include: bike, supreme crunch, pushups, rows, chest press, single arm drop, prone ball press, decline ball pushup, deadlift, dumbbell upper cuts, chest fly on ball, upper back extension on ball, and push up to plank rows.

I rate this a high intermediate workout depending on the poundage you use- you can really adjust this and all the S90 w/o's to meet your needs though. The pace is perfect for me- slow enough to really heavy up quick enough to get your heart pumping and to keep things moving right along. But as w/ all S90 w/o's you go at your own pace & do 8-12 reps of each exercise. Tom is a great lead- very motivating & emphasizes women using heavy weights (yay!).  Received this dvd to review.


  1. Love all those cards! I wish they had stamp camp around here. Your cards are great inspiration.

  2. You could see if theres a stampin' up demonstrator in your area. They may hold monthly stamping? Its awesome! Gives me so many good ideas!

  3. Thanks, Lindsey - There used to be, but she only had workshops during the day (while I'm at work). I think she eventually gave it up. There was another rep (CTMH, maybe?) who was offering classes in my town and, guess what, I was the only one who signed up so she didn't hold them. So I stamp alone or with my young nieces :-) When I first started stamping I drove to the next town where they gave courses but they don't even have those anymore... I can't understand why no one around here likes stamping - it's fun!!!

  4. my mom has the same problem- she cant find a group either :( Maybe because I am closer to Utah where stampin up originates? I def feel lucky!!!! Stamping w/ your nieces sounds like fun though! WISH mine lived closer. Also wish I had more crafty friends nearby to get together w/.