Tuesday, May 31, 2011

URX-MT Reivew: Boot Camp Metabolic Interval

 URX-MT: Boot Camp Metabolic Interval
Amy Bento, 2011 

Amy leads this 52 minute cardio + strength rebounding workout in a brick walled gym w/ 4 b/g exercisers. You will need 1-3 # sandweights and your Urban Rebounder.

This workout is formatted into sections of 2 minutes of work followed by 20-30 seconds of recovery. Amy does a great job of utilizing the rebounder & sand weights to really up the intensity of this workout. Tons of unique moves and tried & true exercises done in a new way on the UR. Love the intensity boost that the level changes of going on & off or over the UR provide. This is really a nonstop sweat fest! A great balance of strength & cardio work.

Exercises include: plyo pushups to Mt. climbers, plank moguls, plyo jacks, clock hop arounds (1 leg off UR 1 on), side plnank w/ a balance knee pull, soccer drill, bucket squat w/ big arms, tri dips around UR, sand bag slam moguls, offset deadlift w/ UB movements, crawling pushups, eleveator pushups, Mt climbers- jump on to UR and hop off, jogging, hopping on & off the UR, roll back on the UR and scoot around (core), halo & chop, and balance knee pulls

I rate this an advanced cardio & functional strength rebounding workout! Amy includes a huge variety of exercises so you will never get bored in this one. You will need space around your UR but like I said the on & off really amps up the intensity! A lot of good balance & core work. This is a great addition to the set. I was a sweaty MESS by the end! Received this dvd to review.

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