Monday, September 19, 2011

Billy Blanks Tae Bo PT 24/7 Review: Boot Camp Power

Today's Review: Billy Blanks: PT 24/7 Boot Camp Power 
Billy Blanks, 2011 

Billy leads this upper body focused workout in a nice gym set. There are 5 other backgrounders & Shelly (who looks thoroughly worked out in this one!) You will only need your PT bands & gloves for this workout.

This one doesnt have cardio in it but its a really great upper body workout and I def felt it the next day! Worked my muscles in a different way than typical dumbbell strength training. Exercises include: side toe taps while punching, back toe taps w/ cross punches, military press, tri extensions, power jab & upper cut sets, bi curls, hi push (for the back), and arm circles with arms fully extended.

I would rate this a solid intermediate upper body workout. LOVE that the bands are super easy to adjust- just wrap them around the notch in the glove to make the resistance stronger. Even wrapped the bands are comfortable & don't pinch or pull at all- love that! There is some lag time between moves in this one while Billy demonstrates- but overall I really really like the UB work in this! Billy provides some great form pointers. I received this dvd to review.


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