Wednesday, January 11, 2012

RAVE: ENELL Sports Bra

Introducing ENELL Sports Bras! These are serious bras for big busted gals that need real support for their high impact exercises! When I got the URX-MT (rebounding) workouts I KNEW my normal sports bras were NOT cutting it and sought out something better- well I found it! I'm sorry I waited this long. I wear my new Enell Sports Bra with every cardio workout now. No more bouncing around if you know what I mean.

ENELL was invented by Renelle Braaten, who is an avid volleyball player and a well endowed woman. Renelle created ENELL Sports Bras with the help of her mother to fill her own needs and the bra took off. She was soon making them for friends, family, and fellow athletes! The ENELL Sports Bra really keeps the girls in place during even the MOST high impact workouts. ENELL is endorsed by Pro Beach Volleyball Players, Olympic Biathletes, and other sports enthusiasts. The bra is designed to provide the most superior support and comfor during all your high-impact activities. Seriously- if the girls can be kept in place during rebounding - they can stay in place during anything!
I love the front eyelette clasps- super easy to get on and off. The hooks align & slip right into place. The front clasps also avoid the uni-boob look that is so unattractive. I workout alone and I still am not a fan of uni-boob  look. The fabric is smooth & soft against the skin and there are no odd seams that can cause irritation. Even with tons of arm movements I dont get any weird rubbing issues that some other sports bras cause. The thing I love the most about my ENELL Sports bra is that it is custom fitted. You measure yourself before you order so you know you are getting the right fit! And mine is just right. Snug but not at all uncomfortable-keeping everything exactly where it needs to be. NO MORE bouncing!!!

ENELL also has a new ENELL LITE Bra that is made for all your low to medium intensity workouts. We dont do ALL high impact exercises so this is the perfect bra for your strength training, yoga, pilates, walking, and lower intensity aerobics. 

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  1. I recently discovered Enell bras, they are amazing. I am going to be giving them a shout out on my blogg very soon. I want to test them out in the gym for a week or so first.

  2. Im so happy I found ENELL!!!! Makes such a difference compared to a normal sports bra :)

  3. I totally want one of these. I belong to the 2 sports bra club when I workout right now. Maybe this will be one of my rewards as I lose the weight.

  4. Can't think of a better reward than new exercise clothes & seriously this bra holds it all in place :)

  5. Do these come in a gray color?

  6. This is a good buy if you're into workouts and sports. Because it is designed ultra fit, any woman wouldn't have to worry about her breasts moving whenever she is working out, or getting active in sports. However, you should also look for the best fitted bra for you. Yes, it should be tightly fit, and if you feel uncomfortable with that, just think of the protection it will give your breasts.