Monday, March 5, 2012

Review: Pilates for Men from Pilates Sports Center

Pilates For Men 10-20-30 Challenge
Joshua Smith, 2011

This 3 disc set contains three 30ish minute workouts made for men by men. The set boasts that you will feel a difference in 10 workouts, see a difference in 20 and have a whole new body in 30 workouts. You will only need the included band & ball for these workouts. The instructor works out with one background exerciser who provides advanced modifications. The dvd is done in voiceover.

Disc one (28 min)focuses on the core & does not use any equipment. Exercises include: the hundred, single leg reach, bridge variations, rolling like a ball, calf raises, tri dips, teaser, side plank holds adding a hip drop, plank variations, and pushups.

Disc two (34 min) focuses on the upper body & uses the band. Exercises include: band pinches, oh band tri press, rotater cuff, zoro sword progression, upright rows, bench press & crunch, military press, pec fly & crunch, band teaser & hundred, delt pulls & bi curls in V sit, pushup & row, and side plank with a kick. Great use of the band

Disc three (33 min) focuses on the core and utilizes the ball. Exercises include: saw stretch, crunches, bridge, balance bridge, teaser adding rotation, bicycle, side lying oblique series, rollover or jackknives,  hip circles, & ball passes. Really like the unique addition of the ball.

I rate these workouts appropriate for most all fitness levels and appreciate that they include an advanced modification so you can really grow with this set. I like the addition of the band & ball to amp up the work and for variety. I think this is a great set for men and women alike. It adds some more strength work into the normal pilates routine-which both men & women can benefit from. Most exercises are done for 5-10 reps which allows for plenty of variety. I received this dvd to review.

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