Friday, March 9, 2012

Nutrisystem Week Two Update: 4.2 Pounds Down

Woot, week two on Nutrisystem is under my belt! This week I lost: .6 lbs. I was actually lower yesterday but with montlhly fluctuations & such I am up a bit this AM. So not a huge loss, but a loss is a LOSS! And last week I lost a lot so I think Im just evening out. 

Total Two Week Loss: 4.2 lbs

I work full time, make & decorate cakes on the side, have a household to keep up, and DH & I have a fairly active social life so I am pretty busy (arent we all). I dont get home from work until 6:00 and am starving by then so I have historically devoted my Sundays to grocery shopping & cooking for the week. But between my cake orders and trying to get together with friends- its hard to devote an entire day (1/2 my weekend) to food prep. While I still do basic cooking & shopping for DH & my extras it has cut an entire days worth of work into just a few hours and I am literally done w/ the entire weeks meals! Thats breakfast, lunch, & dinner for 2!

Last week I went to a bacon party- yes you read that right a BACON party. Heres some pics so you get the idea: (yes bacon sushi, bacon wrapped weenies, bacon pizza, PB bacon cookies, bacon cheese dip, bacon roses, cookie dough stuffed jalepenos wrapped in bacon, bacon cupcakes & cake, etc).

We left the house at 9:00 am for a cake delivery and then to help them set up/ cook/ etc for the party so I was literally out of the house all day. So yes this could have been A HUGE challenge to my Nutrisystem plan.  BUT I was determined to do good. I ate my Nutrisystem breakfast & protein shake at my house before we left and I packed my lunch & dinner and some fruit and nuts for snacks. The other girls were sampling the food as we were making it but I did good & refrained. I ate my nutrisystem lunch & snacks before the party started. Then heated up my Nutrisystem pizza for dinner while everyone was eating bacon covered with bacon with a side of bacon dipped in bacon (lol). I ate my pizza and no-one even noticed that I wasnt indulging in the bacon fun.

I DID have a cupcake (my weakness) and 2 cookie dough stuffed jalepenos wrapped in bacon (which is actually only 1 slice of bacon & 1 jalepeno cuz they were sliced in 1/2) but I skipped my Nutrisystem dessert. I also had a few adult beverages but used calorie free mixers. So while I was definitely over my daily calories I think I did good given the circumstances.

It was easy to bring my Nutrisystem meals with me, and no-one even noticed. I didnt feel like I was missing out and I didnt feel weird about eating my pizza- as no-one even noticed. So I feel that was a Nutrisystem success for me :)

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