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Pilates Sports Center: The Foam Roller Fitness Workout Review

Review: Pilates Sports Center: The Foam Roller Fitness Workout
Emily Zachary-Smith, 2011

This 52 minute workout is done in voiceover with two exercisers, one showing advanced modifications. You will need a foam roller, light hand weights, & a dowel or chair for balance. The workout really targets the core and includes a floor section, a weighted upper body section, a standing section, and a stretch.

I would consider this workout foam roller pilates and is quite diverse in its offerings. They do a great job of using the roller in a variety of ways: lying on it, under the hips, under the feet, standing on it, and behind your back on the wall. Exercises include: crunches, toe taps, teaser, helicopter & scissor legs, plank variations series, pushups, swan, squats while standing on the roller, wall squats w/ the roller behind your back against the wall, wall pushups, mermaid, side lying oblique series, table top exercises, bridge work, and concludes with a stretch section.

I am new to foam rolling and I felt this was a pretty challenging w/o, hi intermediate with the option to go advanced. The addition of the roller to traditional pilates work added a nice balance challenge and upped the intensity. Great cuing & form pointers and lots of variety in exercises. I received this dvd to review.

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Last Week: WOOT found a new raft at Costco!! SO excited :) if you recall last summer we went tubing on the river quite often, we had some issues with our raft and ended up tossing it (sigh & RIP) but as irritating as the situation was, I was immediately sad after I threw out the raft. SO when I saw this one at Costco I snatched it up. We shall be back on the river as soon as the season starts!!!! SOOOOOO excited!!!!!! The one we had last year was the same brand but a different style, similar but not the same. IF we have issues this time I can just take it back to Costco :) We go with another couple and we also have a floating cooler that we pack full of snacks, beverages, and lunch and we just relax down the river! Did I mention that Im excited?
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