Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Review: Strong Stride with Lisa Watson

Today's Review: Strong Stride
Lisa Watson, 2011 ***** (5 of 5 stars)

This dvd has a ton of options & is chaptered very well! There are two ~50 minute workouts & two ~30 minute workouts to choose from. All are strength workouts that focus on improving your running - but are not limited to runners and includes a non-running muscle focused workout as well. Lisa works out with 4 backgrounders in a gym room and you will need dumbbells & tubing for some of the workouts. Modification options are performed by some exercisers.

Program One: (46 min) This pilates inspired floor routine really hits the legs & core. Exercises include: reverse pushups adding a leg lift, bridge variations, a tough pilates leg series performed leaning to one side while kneeling, single & double leg lift, reverse crunches, plank variations, and a low back series.

Program Two: (50 min) This floor routine will REALLY burn out your entire lower body!!! Exercises include: a long set of: donkey kick variations, side lying leg raise variations, and supine leg series. Core & lower back work includes: a supine core routine, a plank series including plank jacks, and breast stroke & cat cow.

Strength: (31 & 26 minutes) One focuses on running muscles and one on non-running muscles. Both segments include a weighted and non-weighted workout. Each workout is divided into three sets with a cardio burst in-between each set (jacks, plyo lunges, Mt. climbers). Exercises include: reverse fly, kickbacks, plank row & press, lat raise, plank side raise, bi curls, dips, pushup variations, band overhead press, curtsys, dead lift, dip lunge combo, bridge & pec fly, squat jumps, deadlifts, plank frog hops, side lunges, tuck jumps, & pushups.

I rate these program one high intermediate, program 2 as advanced, and the strength workouts as intermediate. They are pretty much nonstop and really burn out the muscles! Lisa is a great instructor & I found the dvd to contain some really unique exercises & plenty of variety (weighted, non-weighted, pilates inspired, traditional dumbbell exercises, etc). Very inclusive program at a great price. A lot of workout minutes that are easy to break down or add together (also includes a separate warmup). This dvd comes in a cardboard sleeve. I received this dvd to review.

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  1. Thanks for the review, Lindsey,
    This dvd sounds amazing!

  2. definitely a lot of workout minutes for you buck!!! Lisa is great- looking forward to more from her!

  3. I was looking at Pilates for Runners and this is another to check out--thanks!

  4. this is a good one!!! Very diverse!!!