Sunday, February 16, 2014

Q&A Session with Get Ripped Creator Jari Love (5-23-2011)

Belles: Your Get Ripped Series is extremely popular with fitness enthusiasts worldwide. How did you come about creating this series?
Jari: I used to be a competitive runner and was sidelined by a running injury.  At that time I met Cory Fagan who had done V02 testing on a metabolic cart which shows how many calories and carbs you burn when you exercise.  I knew the benefits of weight training but I was worried about getting big and bulky.  From there I decided to step out of my comfort zone and test some weight training exercises on the cart and see just how many calories I could burn and I found that I could burn as many calories weight training as I could running at 6 mph!  It was from that discovery that RIPPED! was born.
Belles: Looking at you, there is no doubt that you are in phenomenal shape. Are the Ripped workouts all you do or do you include other methods to keep you fit?
Jari: I also do cardio – I love to run outside and enjoy the stair-mill.  I usually do 4-5 cardio workouts per week for 45-60 minutes each time.
Belles: Most recently you released a HypnoTherapy CD. What can you tell us about it and the benefits of hypnosis?
Jari: Some of the benefits of hypnosis include reduced stress, lowered anxiety and helps you achieve your weight loss and fitness goals because you are using positive imagery and positive affirmations.  Hypnosis helps you visualize your success and train your mind to be more positive.  There is research that people are more likely to success using hypnosis but they must use it on a regular basis.
Belles: You have created so many awesome fitness DVD- do you have a favorite? The most recent DVD releases are Boot Camp and Revved to the Max. Is that correct?
Jari: Yes and I have two more coming!  It’s hard to pick a favorite because they are all so different and I like them all for their various features.  I will say that I really love the music in the most recent videos and find that to be a huge motivating factor.
Belles: We all know how important variety is in our workouts – what advice can you offer us on how to fit it all in?
Jari: You have to make yourself a priority and have a plan in place.  If you don’t have a plan in place, you plan to fail.  This means scheduling your workouts like you would any other appointment or business meeting.  I like to batch cook ahead of time for the week so that I am prepared.
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