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Interview: Q&A Session with Elisabeth Halfpapp of Exhale: Core Fusion (8-8-2011)

Belles: What can you tell us about yourselves and how you got started in the fitness industry?
Elisabeth: Fred and I met in high school..I being a cheerleader and he a football player.  Fred needed a date for his senior prom, so he asked me!   We then dated until we married in 1983.  Fred went to college for Physical Education and I for Dance Education.  I was a professional ballet dancer (Mercer Ballet, Princeton Ballet, Hartford Ballet) looking for additional work teaching movement/dance and answered a NY Times ad for a teacher needed with dance ballet background for the Lotte Berk Method located in NYC and Bridgehampton, NY.  When I started teaching there it was a fitness studio for women only and the first barre core fitness class.  Fred (we were dating at the time) was not even allowed to step into the building!  In the mid 80’s, we opened this method to men and Fred was hired to teach.  We both managed, taught 6 classes/day, 6 days/week, helped develop this method, and teacher trained all the teachers.   Then in 2002, we wanted to share nationwide this incredible technique and the opportunity came through exhale.  And here we are 9 years later as part of the exhale founding team with 18 exhale units across the country and in Turks+Caicos teaching Core Fusion!
Belles: The Exhale Core Fusion DVD series has been well received. What inspired you to start the Exhale program and spas? What was your motivation to bring the workouts to DVD?  Our inspiration to start the Core Fusion program for exhale came through us seeing the healing and physical changes of our guests at the Lotte Berk Method, not only physically, but mentally as well.   We were transforming lives and creating a lifestyle.  We felt this calling to share this life transformation with as many people as possible.  Thus we were open to looking for someone who wanted to share this journey with us…and then Annbeth approached us at Lotte to share her exhale vision with her, not only with Core Fusion, but with yoga, spa, acupuncture, and nutrition.  We wanted to create an exhale lifestyle that all included these modalities.
ElisabethOur motivation to bring Core Fusion to DVD, was to expand this physical and mental results producing technique to even more of a population where we do not have exhale locations…we are now global!  Plus our regular guests needed their CF when they traveled…and the 10 minute segments are doable wherever you are!  Also we wanted to educate our viewers on how to move with the first priority of position, alignment, and then how many repetitions you can do maintaining the form.  This is based on my ballet technique training…
Belles: Do you have any new workout DVDs on the horizon you can tell us about? 
Elisabeth: Yes!  We just released Core Fusion Cardio:  Pure Intensity and Core Fusion Power Sculpt will be released end of this year!
Belles: In addition to being Core Fusion creators and founding team members of Exhale Spas, you are also husband and wife, what can you tell us about balancing work with your personal lives? 
Elisabeth: It is very important to set your boundaries between your personal and  work lives.  We have set times when we stop talking about business and we ask each other first “do you mind if we discuss business for set number of minutes?”.  If either of us reply’s “ No, I really don’t want to discuss business right now” we have learned to honor each others request or to at least, set a time limit for the business discussion. 
Belles: What advice do you have for other couples to encourage or help people commit to a healthy lifestyle from the newlywed stage through the golden years?  
Elisabeth:  Start moving and exercising together….make this a special time to connect with each other.  Once you start exercising, you feel better about yourself, you eat better, and make healthier choices with all aspects of  your life.  “Move a muscle, change a thought.” is one of Fred’s  favorite sayings…
Belles: Do you have any secrets or words of wisdom on maintaining a healthy marriage while leading such a hectic lifestyle? 
Elisabeth: Communication and being each other’s best friend!

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