Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Rubberbanditz: Assisted Pull Up Bands, Crossfit Bands, Fitness Bands!

Introducing Rubberbanditz - your one stop shop for all exercise bands for resistance work, assisted pull up bands, crossfit, powerlifting, and more. I was on the search for a quality assisted pull up band and Rubberbanditz had more rave reviews, more detailed information on their website, and more band options than any other company I could find. Check out their site for a large variety of exercise equipment from yoga mats, foam rollers, and they have a hot sale going on their fitness balls right now 40% off!

I was lucky enough to be able to try a three pack of Rubberbanditz! Why a three pack you ask? Well me, my husband, and my niece are using the pull up bar, and with three resistance options we can grow into doing unassisted pull ups gradually. My niece is using all three bands with both feet in the bands, I am using the light & heavy bands with one foot in the band, and DH uses the lightest band with his knee in them.

I started with the 2 heaviest bands, and on my first day I even had both feet in the bands! DH started with the medium band and now is up to the lightest. With Rubberbanditz you can see progress quickly. We have only been using the bands for a few weeks and are already seeing amazing progress. Having two feet in the bands is the easiest, then one foot, then one knee. So not only can you grow with the resistance of the bands but also with your body position. Rubberbanditz assisted pull up bands are the best!

Rubberbanditz can be used for many other things - while I got them specifically for assisted pull ups, they can be used to squat & overhead press, push press, resistance running, resistance push ups, and more. I have a video that uses Rubberbanditz for some exercises and now I can finally replicate the same moves.

Rubberbanditz is your solution for travel needs as well- the bands are totally portable! They are also economical, costing a lot less than dumbbells and of course they take up a lot less room. Rubberbanditz are safer and easier on your joints than traditional weights. They enhance normal body movements instead of isolating one muscle at a time. In essence, the bands’ elastic properties are a perfect complement to the way your muscles naturally work. Give them a whirl and work your muscles in a whole new way. Mix up your routine & see those results start coming in!
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