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Interview With Brooklyn Bridge Boot Camp Creator: Ariane Hundt (3-13-2012)

The Belles recently had the pleasure of reviewing Ariane’s new Brooklyn Bridge Boot Camp dvd. We loved the workout and are super excited about our Q&A session with Ariane below. Ariane Hundt has trained thousands of participants on New York City’s iconic Brooklyn Bridge. Her workout, New York City’s toughest, promises to change your body in 5 sessions!

Belles: How did you get started in the fitness industry?
Ariane: I quit my career in pharmaceutical market research 5 years ago to pursue my passion for fitness and nutrition full-time. I had always wanted to learn as much as I could about how food and exercise can create healtly, lean and fit bodies. i spent years studying on my own until i realized it was much more than an interest and had to become my career. After quitting my job business I trained clients one-on-one and got my Master’s in Nutrition. The Brooklyn Bridge Boot Camp took off almost immediately after its inception four years ago.
Belles: What was your motivation for creating the Brooklyn Bridge Workout dvd?

Ariane: Thousands of people have taken the classes and seen great results in a matter of 5 sessions. I wanted to make this unique workout available to anyone, whether they lived in New York or on the other side of the world. The unique thing about the DVD is that it was shot on the Brooklyn Bridge and you get to enjoy the amazing skyline views as you’re working your entire body. The workout is challenging time after time, so don’t expect to make it through without stopping for the first few times. It’s designed to keep your muscles challenged so they won’t get used to the workout. Additionally, I have been using a set of very unique resistance bands that target trouble zones like nothing else. The short bands work saddlebag areas and create amazing leg definition and a lifted butt. The long bands help build lean and defined arm and shoulder muscles and slim your waist.
Belles: Do you have any future workout dvds planned and if so, what can you share with us?
Ariane: I’m planning a Slim & Strong DVD. Slim & Strong is my indoor workout with an addiction factor. Using dumbbells, resistance bands and our own body weight we produce a massive calorie burn and fat burning effects. The best part is that the afterburn, the amount of calories burned after your workout, is elevated for up to 48 hours after because of the intensity. The workout is highly effective and reshapes every single inch of your body. Some people have compared one hour of Slim & Strong to 3 hours on their own in the gym. Stay tuned!
Belles: What is the best piece of fitness advice ever received or given to a client?

Ariane: The best piece of fitness advice you should know is the following: If you want to create lasting changes in your body, don’t rely on working out alone. Workouts do change the shape of your body and help you get lean and strong, but 80% of fat burning is the result of a clean diet. Feel free to check out my fat loss advice on my Slim & Strong Blog:
Belles: What fitness myth would she like to dispel (or see disappear entirely)?

Ariane: Fitness myth: The worst myth still out there and promoted by trainers such as Tracy Anderson is that lifting heavy weights will make you bulky. It is absolutely impossible for women to build big muscles unless you have testosterone in your body and lift an insane amount of weight and supplement with various enhancers. In order to get lean, defined and see muscle definition, lifting weights is key. Cardio can burn muscle if overdone and won’t change the shape of your body. So, ladies, please pick up the heaviest weight you can lift with good form and join the ranks of Slim & Strong Boot Campers in New York City!
Thank you Ariane for sharing your insights with us and our readers!! For more information about Ariane & her Brooklyn Boot Camp workout:
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