Friday, May 30, 2014

Review: Suzanne Bowen's BarreAmped

BarreAmped Featuring Suzanne Bowen
Suzanne Bowen, 2014

This dvd contains five 9-19 minute routines, and a 3 min warmup. You can play all or select a workout from the menu. You will need light dumbbells and a chair (or barre). Suzanne works out in a lovely brick set w/ 2 backgrounders, one offering modifications.

Light Weight Work: (9 min) This workout focuses on the upper body. Exercises include front & side raises & circles, rotator cuff, bi curls, T raise series, and tri kickbacks & circles. Suzanne recommends 1-3 pound weights. 

Thigh Work: (14 min) Exercises include a pliet series, standing leg raises, squat pulses, hip circles, hip shifts, close stance pliet series, and includes stretches.

Seat Work:  (19 min) Exercises include rear leg lifts variations, single leg balance work, standing donkey kicks, pretzel, lying leg circles, & lying leg lifts.

Mat Work: (16 min) This workout targets the upper body & core. Exercises include plank, knee pushups series, plank hip drops, side plank reaches, tri dips, supine core series, superman & a stretch.

Stretch: (13 min) Exercises for this upper body routine include front & side raises and circles, rotator cuff work, bi curls, T raise series, tri kickbacks & circles. Suzanne suggests 1-3 pound weights.

I rate these intermediate routines, I definitely felt the burn in the lower body portions. Suzanne offers impeccable form pointers and I really like her instruction style. Her instruction segments provide some breaks in the routine. Great barre routine for barre junkies and for those of us newer to barre as well. I received this dvd to review. 

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  1. This one looks good. I'm glad it's more intermediate too.

  2. I was pleasantly surprised by this one, of course I always like Suzanne, but barre can go either way for me :)