Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Leslie Sansones: Mix & Match Walk Blasters REVIEW

Leslie Sansone, 2014

This DVD contains ten 10 minute walk sections that you can mix and match to create many workout options. The DVD is fully chaptered, has music only options, and includes fun premixes. You will need optional light hand weights for some of the segments.  Leslie works out with a group of walkers in a spacious studio.

Light Walk: This section is meant to be used for the warmup or for a very light walk. Exercises include walk, side step, ham curls, walking up & back, and front heel taps all to a slower beat.

Dance Walk: Leslie adds a little flair to her traditional walk, front heel taps, front & side mambo adding a cha cha, double side step & grapevine.

Short & Sweaty: This is the most challenging of the bunch with a faster tempo and bigger arm movements. Exercises include low impact skater, side step, ham curl with up & out arms, low impact cardio lunges, kick & reach, and front heel taps.

Brisk & Steady: Exercises include walking, kicks, side step, knee pull, side tap with arm extensions, walk & overhead reach and walking up and back.

Upper Body Blaster: Using light hand weights, exercises include marching, side steps, kicks, side tap, ham curls, and walking up & back. Leslie adds bicep curls, delt raises, overhead raises tri pushbacks to the walking.

Lower Body Blast: This segment includes lots of squats, squat- lunge combos, and of course walking, side step, kicks, and walking up and back.

Interval: In this segment Leslie alternates slow/moderate tempo with 60 seconds of boosted walking. The boosted walking is jogging up, back and in place and the lower intensity exercises include walking, side taps, and side steps.

Walk, Kick, & Jab: In this segment Leslie mixes in low front kicks, double side step with low side kicks, jabs & crosses in with her normal walking, side taps, side steps, and walking up & back.

Tummy Toners: Interspersed with side step, and walking is low skater with a rotation, knee ups with rotation, double side step & reach, knee to elbow pull downs, side knee pulls, and front heel taps.

Flexibility Walk: This section is meant to be used as a cooldown and includes about 5 min of light walking, side steps, low kicks, and low knees, and 5 minute of standing stretches.

These are lower intermediate workouts. The DVD contains a ton of variety and I love the mix & match option. Leslie is her usual chatty, upbeat self and provides motivation as she goes. Each segment contains a healthy living tip. I enjoy the variety of segments and the ability to mix & match. This is a very versatile dvd. I received this DVD to review.

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