Saturday, November 15, 2014

Sore Point: 100% Natural Pain Relief Gets You Back to Working Out!

I cant wait to tell you all about Sore Point by Toba Remedies. This amazing roll-on formula, treats sore muscles helping to reduce or eliminate aches and pains at a much quicker rate than most other pain relief products. What makes Sore Point is made using only 100%natural ingredients, so NO chemicals at all. As a qualified practitioner, Dr. Tara can attest to the fact that most muscle soreness products on supermarket shelves, contain harmful chemicals, which are absorbed in to the skin upon application. Sore Point is completely safe, can be used by anyone and produces results that are just as good, if not better. You know I love my natural products and this one is AMAZING! Works wonders and NO harsh chemicals. 

Perfect for anyone who wants to treat aches and pains from tough workouts, long runs, or whatever ails you, it allows you to reduce your downtime in between sessions, so there are less interruptions in your training schedule and more working out. Sore Point is available in two formats - an organic oil and a roll-on. The roll-on allows you to target specific areas and get deeper into the muscle, providing you with spot on relief from soreness.

I like that Sore Point is lightweight and non-sticky, so you can use day or night with no mess. This therapeutic  product really targets muscle fatigue and aids in athletic recuperation so you can get back to pumping that iron or pounding that pavement. It was formulated with essential oils to dramatically decrease muscle pain post-workout. Available in a roll-on format (thicker and more powerful), or an oil (perfect for deep tissue massages), whatever your preference, each fits perfectly in your gym bag!

Reasons I LOVE Sore Point:
  • Place on pulse points
  • Use for hydration of dry skin
  • Mix several drops of your favorite oil with unscented tōba cream for lasting effect all day or night long
  • Rub into hands and skin for aromatic lift
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