Friday, January 23, 2015

Cathe Friedrich: Rock Out Knock Out Review

Cathe Friedrich: Rockout Knockout
Cathe Friedrich, 2013

Cathe leads this 55 min kickboxing workout in a gym set with 3 backgrounders. The DVD also includes a 10 min bonus heavy bag routine. Cathe & crew use boxing gloves for a portion of the workout, though you could use weighted gloves or no gloves at all. The DVD is chaptered and includes a TON of premixes.

After a warmup you move into a boxing routine with no gloves: jab cross plyo knee pulls, jab & jack series, speed bag up -cross & shuffle back, jump rope variations, step side kick & pump, scissors, plyo hop forward & block jacks back, ice breakers, march & hitch kick, plyo kicks, elbow strikes, punches, & plyos. Glove routine: X jumps, punches with combos, shuffle & slip, & flurry. Kickbox Combos: punch & kick combos, knee & elbow strikes, punch & kick combos, and finishes with core work & a cooldown.

I rate this a high intermediate routine. Cathe keeps you going pretty nonstop and the pace is quick. Fun routines that will get your heartrate up & are easy to follow without being boring. Cathe's instruction is impeccable and I enjoy her instruction style. As with most boxing/ kickboxing workouts, you give it your all and you can get an amazing workout. I did NOT receive this DVD to review.

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