Wednesday, January 14, 2015

REVIEW: Anchor Bay Fitness Presents Element 5 Day Yoga

Element: 5 Day Yoga
Ashley Turner, 2014

This DVD contains five approximately 15 minute yoga routines that you can mix and match. A 2 min warm up & an 8 min cool down are automatically added to your workout. Ashley works out alone in front of the Pacific Ocean, a pool, and beautiful greenery. You wont need any equipment for these routines.

Strength & Stamina (15 min): Exercises include sun salutation, forward bend, plank, low cobra, down dog, chataranga, 3 legged dog, crescent pose w/ fists of fire, warrior poses, standing splits, 1/2 moon, chair pose, & static sumo.

Core Power (17 min): Poses in this detox routine include: chair, roll like a ball, yoga bike, reverse crunch w/ leg extension, oblique crunches w/ leg extensions, cat cow, spinal twists, down dog, runners lunge adding a twist, and twisting triangle. 

Energy & Flexibility (14 min): Exercises include cat cow, bird dog, table top knee to elbow pulls, down dog twist & drop, 3 legged dog hip circles, 1/2 splits, and hip flexor stretches. 

Stretch & Restore (17 min): Poses include sun salutation, cat cow, down dog, plank, cobra, lying low back work, childs pose, rabbit, bird dog, table top bow & arrow, chair pose, standing balance bow & arrow hold, balance quad hold, side lying boat pose, boat pose, bound angel pose, and forward fold & roll up.

Stress Relief & Meditation (17 min): Exercises in this tension & stress relief include forward fold, standing arm circles, chair pose, chest opener, plank, swimmer, lying shoulder shimmy, low cobra, down dog, dolphin, spinal traction, up dog, runners lunge, crescent pose, warrior 1, tricep stretch, and concludes with a cross legged seated meditation. 

I rate these intermediate yoga routines. Ashley provides modification options for some exercises. The DVD provides lots of variety with workout times & mix & match options. I received this DVD to review.

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  1. I am using this one to get back into my yoga habit for the new year. This is my second of Ashley's and I like her style!

  2. dd it is a good one! Ashely is a great instructor. I love the scenery in the Element workouts!