Friday, January 30, 2015

Review: IGNITE by Spri 900 Calorie Burn by Gaiam

Ashley Borden, 2014

This DVD contains four 25 minute workouts. Ashley works out with 2 backgrounders who show some modifications. You will need dumbbells for the lower body & total body workouts. You can select one workout from the main menu & each workout contians a yoga style warm up & cool down. 

Upper body HiiT: This body weight strength & cardio workout is comprised of two circuits containing 3 exercises per circuit. Each exercise is performed for 45 seconds followed by a 15 second rest. Exercises include: burpee, elevator plank, moguls, swimmer, pushups, and hi knees,

Lower Body HiiT: For this weighted lower body workout you perform 2 exercises (squat & overhead press and side lunges to each side) from 1 rep all the way up to 13 reps each followed by one minute rest. Then you move into 20/10 tabata drills: 8 sets of plank followed by 8 sets of fast squats.

Hard Core HiiT: In this core focused workout you perform 3 circuits 2-3 exercises 20 reps each, repeated 4X each. Exercises include skater, plank with forward reach, dips, side plank rotation, plank shoulder tap, squat jacks, and butterfly sit ups. 

Head-to-Toe HiiT: In this full body strength workout you perform 3 circuits, 4 rounds of 3 exercises progressing from 4-10 reps each with a one minute rest between circuits. Exercises include push-ups, butterfly sit-ups, fast unweighted squats, bent row, squats, overhead press, alternating snatch, balancing upper back fly, squat & overhead push, pushup-renegade row-squat-overhead press, side lunge, and tri push backs.

These are high intermediate to low advanced workouts. I used 10-15 pound dumbbells and definitely felt the burn. These are fast paced workouts with no wasted time, but you do get rest breaks between circuits. Ashley is a good instructor & provides good form tips. I like the athletic drill style circuits. These def get the job done. I received this DVD to review 

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