Sunday, January 11, 2015

The FIRM Zip Trainer ONLY $24.88 on!!!!

This is an amazing price for the The Firm Zip Trainer Medicine Ball Kit! Only $24.88 on now! Just saw this and thought Id share! I use my ZT all the time for many uses with and without the DVDs that come with the set. Here are my reviews for those who want to read more: The FIRM Zip Trainer Reviews

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  1. Hi. I just purchased the kit a few days ago (had never heard about it). It should be here tomorrow. I was wondering if you knew where to get the 7lb core ball? It seems The Firm site is completely down. I also purchased the DVDs that would've come with the Deluxe kit, but can't find the ball anywhere. I'm excited to get started. It's hard to find workouts, etc online though, as well as before/afters. I'm excited that I can do so much with the ball, as I'd been wanting to add one (I just started working out last year so slowly adding things to my home "gym") and thought this looked like the best to purchase. Plus you got all the extras (what I'm considering everything! LOL).