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Denise Austin’s 10 Week, 360° Plan Review: Super Charged Cardio Burn

Denise's new 10 Week 360° Plan is a new customizable 10-week health and fitness plan that combines everything Denise knows about exercise, nutrition and motivation all in one place. The plan includes online access to her TV shows, new workouts, health & nutrition plans, customized menu options, online forums, and so much more. Her Super Charged Cardio Burn workout, detailed below, is available to stream on the Denise Austin website with the 10 Week, 360 Plan and available on DVD as an add-on to the system. 

10 Week, 360° Plan Review: Super Charged Cardio Burn 
Denise Austin, 2014

Denise works out in an open studio with 2 backgrounders. You will need light dumbbells for this 31 min cardio focused workout. The workout contains three sections: cardio kettlebell, cardio kickboxing, and tabata circuits. The tabata is 2 sets of 2 exercises 4X followed by one exercise 2 times, 20 seconds on, 10 seconds rest. This workout is available on Denise's website and on DVD.

After a warmup & stretch, grab your dumbbells for the cardio kettlebell routine: 1 and 2 arm swings, weighted skaters, weighted woodchops, lunges, and side lunge & abducts. Kickboxing: jump rope, shuffle & punch, side kicks, front kicks, speed bag & punhc, and knee pulls. HiiT: hi knee run, squat jumps, fast skaters, and burpees. The workout concludes with a cooldown & stretch.

The first two segments are solid intermediates and the HiiT routine is low advanced. The routines are fun and easy to follow along to. Denise is motivating but not over the top. LOVE the format of these workouts as time REALLY flies. You can get a great sweat on in a short amount of time. The light weights up the cardio effect and the HiiT really finishes your workout with a bang. I received this DVD to review.

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