Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Denise Austin’s 10 Week, 360° Plan Review: High Energy Fat Blasting Cardio

Denise's new 10 Week 360° Plan is a new customizable 10-week health and fitness plan that combines everything Denise knows about exercise, nutrition and motivation all in one place. The plan includes online access to her TV shows, new workouts, health & nutrition plans, customized menu options, online forums, and so much more. Her High Energy Fat Blasting Cardio workout, detailed below, is available to stream on the Denise Austin website with the 10 Week, 360 Plan and available on DVD as an add-on to the system. 

High Energy Fat Blasting Cardio
Denise Austin, 2014

Denise leads this workout in a spacious studio with a view and lobby in the backdrop. She works out with 2 backgrounders, one showing less challenging modifications. You wont need any equipment for this workout. The 50 min cardio workout contains 3 segments that flow into each other. This workout is available to stream on Denises website as part of the 360 Plan and on DVD.

After a warm up, the Hi Lo Cardio routine includes walking up & back, knee ups, side squats, V step, skater, side step, jogging, low kicks, side step squats, jogging, kicks, heel digs, march, rope, step kick, mogul, ham curls put into a few mini routines. Kickboxing: move forward & back w/ punches, knee pulls, jab -cross- jump rope, jump rope variations, fast feet, torso twists, jacks, front kicks, step sidekick and punch, & alternating side kicks. This features easy to follow choreo with plenty of variety. Dance: Mambo cha-cha, mambo chasse, shuffle & snake, hip circles, jacks, marches, side step behinds with big arms, shimmy, twists, and a cool down & stretch.

I rate this an intermediate routine. Love that its broken down into 3 smaller routines for plenty of variety and to keep things interesting. Denises cuing is pretty good and the ladies are having a good time. I received this dvd to review.

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